Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year Daisy wanted to be a witch for Halloween so we all dressed up to support her decision. I was a witch too and Addie was her black kitty and then Daddy was her witch's brew! We hope you all had a fun Halloween!

Daisy with her mashed potato ghost!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


For my birthday present this year Dusty took the girls and I to California! Dusty parents had moved to LA this year so we were able to spend time with them and to take the girls to Disneyland! There was also a fashion convention we went to for the store. We had an amazing time and here are some pictures from Disneyland. Daisy favorite part was the "It's a Small, Small World" ride. She thought it was beautiful, but she was also a very brave girl and went on all the big scary rides with her Daddy that Mama and Addie couldn't go on! Oh... that's right I haven't announced officially in the blog world but we are expecting a little baby boy!!! The due date is for the end of January!! That's why I couldn't go on some of the rides. But I did sneak onto the Tower of Terror and Indiana Jones.... hey, I have never been to Disneyland and had to go on those two!! Indiana Jones was definitely my favorite ride. Enjoy the Pictures!

Daisy's Pirate Face!

Dancing at the Night Parade

Yep.. We caught Cinderella as she was running away down a back alley!!

The End!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Daisy!!

Our sweet little Daisy turned 4 on Friday and had a wonderful Cinderella party! We love our big girl so much and she brings so much fun to our family.. she's always on the go and loves life! We love you Daisy!

Princess Daisy in her new Cinderella dress her mama made her.

Addie in her Cinderella dress that Grandma Becky made for Daisy 2 years ago.

The cake and castle that Daisy helped put together!

The birthday cake!

Daisy blowing out her candles with help from her prince... Logan! Before the party Daisy was prancing around in her dress saying that she was just waiting for her prince to come. (Which was Logan!)

The other princesses with their fairy godmother wands!

The Cinderella castle that Daddy made!

The pinata that some little first grader made!
Or at least it looks like a first grader project :)

Scavenging for all the candy... notice that Addie's right in there with them!

She's was quite proud of her accomplishments...

Even if they didn't last too long!

After the party we spent the rest of the day playing at Rigby lake!

Crazy Daisy

Addie La Roo

Then we ended a wonderful birthday at Red Robin were Daisy got sang too and
had a very special birthday sundae!
Happy Birthday Daisy!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Banned from Scissors!

So here is the story of why Dusty (that is not a typo... I do mean Dusty!) is from now on only allowed to use this kind of scissors....

The other day I came home from working at the store to my sweet little girls. I was home for probably 40 minutes when I noticed the hair trimming scissors were left out on the counter in the bathroom. I thought for a minute what Dusty could have been doing with them and then I immediately went running for Addie. Her hair was all crusted to her head with hairspray trying to cover up the damage that had been done... someone must have know they were going to be in BIG trouble!!!
So here are the resulting pictures...

The bad news is, Addie's bangs had just gotten long enough to be pulled back into her pigtails without a clip and now Daisy keeps saying, "Addie looks just exactly like a boy!!" Needless to say Daisy & Addie were adequately informed that Daddy is not allowed to cut either of their hair ever again!
Now the funny thing is, is the striking resemblance Addie is to THIS.......

Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber.... Daddy's number 1 favorite movie!!!
Seems a funny coincidence....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Store

Dusty and I have been pretty busy at the store but we are filling it up fast. We will be having our Grand Opening on June 11th so we are expecting a pretty crazy day!! Today I took some pictures around the store.