Sunday, October 17, 2010


For my birthday present this year Dusty took the girls and I to California! Dusty parents had moved to LA this year so we were able to spend time with them and to take the girls to Disneyland! There was also a fashion convention we went to for the store. We had an amazing time and here are some pictures from Disneyland. Daisy favorite part was the "It's a Small, Small World" ride. She thought it was beautiful, but she was also a very brave girl and went on all the big scary rides with her Daddy that Mama and Addie couldn't go on! Oh... that's right I haven't announced officially in the blog world but we are expecting a little baby boy!!! The due date is for the end of January!! That's why I couldn't go on some of the rides. But I did sneak onto the Tower of Terror and Indiana Jones.... hey, I have never been to Disneyland and had to go on those two!! Indiana Jones was definitely my favorite ride. Enjoy the Pictures!

Daisy's Pirate Face!

Dancing at the Night Parade

Yep.. We caught Cinderella as she was running away down a back alley!!

The End!