Friday, February 20, 2009

Our New Family Pet

We had a new addition to our family. Yep... it's Bullwinkle the Moose. This moose hung out around our house for 4 days. His favorite spot was right outside Daisy's window. She loved having him there! When she would go down for a nap we would have to tell moosey goodnight and then shut here blinds and the first thing when she got up she had to check to see if moosey was still there. One day when she was supposed to be taking a nap I went into her room to check on here and she was standing on her window sill, behind her blinds and banging on the window at the moose.

Now Daisy keeping saying, " Moose, gone." I guess this is her first broken heart!

On Valentine's Day Dusty was heading home from Utah so Daisy, Addie and I decorated the house for him!
Then we made him a special Valentine dinner!

Here are the girls in their Valentine's outfits for church on Sunday. Unfortunately Addie didn't get to wear her's very long because she had a major blowout at church that ended up all over her outfit. So I took her naked into the Primary room to get the present I had brought for the new baby boy in the ward... but they weren't there that day! So I had a few of the girls dress Addie in the little blue puppy pajamas but she still had her cute little pink bow glued to her head. One of the primary kids asked me if she was supposed to be a boy or girl! Oh well!

Just couldn't resist putting this picture on of Addie!!