Friday, July 17, 2009

Huge Changes Ahead!

Okay it's catch up time, so you might want to go and grab some munchies before you start to read this post because A LOT has happened since April. Here we go from the beginning.....
First of all here is a cute picture of the girls on Easter morning.
In the morning of Sunday May 31st, our dog Goosey had 6 little puppies. They were all beautiful little golden retrievers and Goosey was a wonderful mom. They just turned 6 weeks so now they are all with their new owners and we miss having the little puppies around. Actually Daisy loved the little puppies when they were first born but once they turned 5 weeks old they started to run and she didn't like that much. Daisy would go screaming and crying around the yard with 6 little white fluff balls nippin' at her heels. Dusty and I got a pretty good laugh out of it though!

Here they are at 2 days old!

Here they are at 3 weeks old sharing nap time with Addie!

This one was my favorite little one... we called him Chubbs

Next Dusty and I have called our property Sleepy Hollow so Dusty set out and did some landscaping. He put 3 boulders that were about 5 ft high at the entrance of our property and then made a sign and welded it into the rock. Then he hooked up some lights to shine on it at night. It turned out looking awesome but then again anything he does always turns out that way! Great job Dusters!

Okay now for something I never thought I would ever have on my "to do" list, let alone checked off! On June 27th, I ran a Mountain to Meadow half-marathon at Lolo Pass, Montana. I have been training with some friends and we went and did it! Dusty came with Addie too, to help and be the babysitter! This was my first race ever and it was STINKIN' HARD! It was uphill for the first 4 miles, at least! And then it was uphill again and again and again! At one point we could see the other runners right above us on the switchback. Trust me, that was not a comforting thought. Anyways I did it and ran the whole 14 gruesome miles! That was our goal... not to walk and we accomplished it! Thanks to my friends Joni, JoAnn, and Travis! My time was 2:21:47 which I was very happy with considering we were at 5600' elevation and the whole thing was practically uphill!! Here are some pictures and a picture of the beautiful meadow we ran by. Addie also got some shots with the mountain men that were present!

Okay now for the biggest news of all! We decided to put our home up for sale, just to see if it would sell and it did! It actually sold in 1 week with more than our asking price. We ended up showing the house 8 times and had 3 offers on it!! The deal ended up being perfect, it was debt free on our side and all cash on the buyer side too, so it went smooth as silk!

So what's next for the Cox Family you ask???



but we do have things in the works... I guess you will just have to stay tuned to find out further details. But one thing for sure we will be leaving the area.... onto another adventure!

(The header picture was taken in our meadow on the 10 acres)

Some pictures of our house!